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Ceiling fan hook up instructions, step by step ceiling fan installation guide

Connect the Fan Motor Wiring Watch video of this step.

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If the old light is fed by two threeway switches instead of a single switch, the control options are a little more complicated. Cordless Drill with Long Bit — Drills holes in various materials.

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The receiver drops right into the fan housing and plugs into the bottom of the motor. What wiring combinations do you suggest - aside from the obvious white-white, black-black, and green to green, I'm not sure if I need to connect the red from the ceiling or the blue from the fan - since we don't have a light on this fan to anything or to simply leave the alone and wrapped in electrical tape. Standard electrical boxes or blades hung too low can be downright dangerous.

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You ceiling fan hook up instructions more comfortable while you save on utility bills. Remove the setscrew on the motor coupling. But if you have a higher or sloped ceiling, purchase a longer downrod. Most ceiling fans come with a mounting bracket; if yours does not, you can buy a mounting kit separately. Measure the ceiling slope Determine the ceiling slope by holding a 2-ft. Separate the wire connections, with the grounded wires on one side of the outlet box and the ungrounded wires on the other side of the box.

Ladder — Use a ladder to reach the mounting bracket and hang the motor assembly as well as wire the ceiling fan. Attach the fan motor wires to the house wiring.

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Privacy Policy Sign Up. The outlet box generally supports up to 50 pounds. Disconnect the fixture wires and remove the central mounting nut and any screws that hold the old fixture in place.

Ceiling Fans Installation In Houston For Homeowners

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. More Ceiling Fan Installation Guides. Spread wire connections apart, with the grounded wires on one side of the box and black wires on the other side of the box.

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Place the motor right side up, thread the wire through the downrod and insert the downrod into the mounting collar. Install the switch plate cover with the two screws provided. Insert the third screw and tighten all three screws.


Most existing electrical boxes are fastened to the framing with nails, making them easy to pound out with a hammer and a block of wood Photo 2. Having well lit bathrooms and showers is important for all ages to prevent trips and falls.

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Insert the support brace into the opening in the ceiling and position the brace between the nearest two joists. Check and reset if necessary the code toggles on the wall-mounted electronic switch to match the ones on the receiver. Push all the wire connections into the outlet box. Use a voltage tester when wiring a ceiling fan by placing one of the leads on the ground wire and the other lead on the hot wire to ensure there is no electricity running through these wires.

Use these tools to install a ceiling fan or to troubleshoot your existing ceiling fan, and be sure to view our selection of brand-name ceiling fans.

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Because the ceiling light is wireless and battery powered, it will not increase your energy bill even though it gets a lot of use. Join them; it only takes a minute: Then drive the screw in.

The Advantages of Installing Ceiling Fans

Turn the power off at the circuit ceiling fan hook up instructions and the wall switch. Green to copper and green Red and black to blue and black White to white share improve this answer.

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Connect the hook up sites las vegas wires in the outlet box. Installing a Casablanca Panama fan is simple and straightforward, but because these fans have five blades instead of four, they can take a little longer to install. Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. If removing a light fixture, uninstall the fixture in following order: Installing a new ceiling fan is a thrifty way to reduce your energy bills without sacrificing comfort.

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You may find several pairs of wires in the ceiling box. Remove the shipping blocks from the motor.

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