Project x hook up scene PROJECT X Blu-ray Review

Project x hook up scene

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Project X comes in at just under 90 minutes and is broken fairly evenly into three scenes. The characters are, for the most part, mean and misogynist, making the movie a mostly uncomfortable watch. Not many jokes and a generally unpleasant spirit prevail. Costa admits to Thomas that he advertised it on the radio, trying to get everyone in a wide radius to attend.

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So is Project X worth a pick-up on Blu-ray? Well, what Project X lacks in character development, it makes up for with masterful escalation.

Project X Movie Review Summary.

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Hainline a Level 29 Superb Fruit-Dove scholar. Perhaps the early scene in which they harass the local drug dealer, which elicits a smile or two.

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Keep an eye out for news on Project Y and check out the Project X Blu-ray special features and tech specs below:. Thomas hopes to keep the party outside, but it grows too large too quickly, spreading to his home and both his front and back yard. When the hooks arrive and a riot ensues, Thomas, Costa, and J. Best scene in story: When T-Rick's gnome breaks, revealing a giant bag of ecstasy pills, everyone at the party takes it and gets high out of their minds.

Opinion about the main character: The ending projects up in a weak and predictable way that almost ruins all of the fun and insanity of the previous hour and a half, but manages to just squeak by without getting too schmaltzy. Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! hook up in jamaica

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They buy enormous amounts of alcohol, hire students as security, and even buy drugs from T-Rick, a local weed dealer, who gets infuriated when Costa steals his lawn gnome. Blu-ray and DVD Deal: Pick up Project X on Blu-ray so you can watch the madness from the comfort of your couch. For this review, I checked out the extended cut of Project X on Blu-ray.

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At one point, Thomas gives into the vibe of the party and commits to the mutually assured destruction of his hook up sites india and his sobriety.

Well, it comes with a DVD and a digital copy as a bonus, which lets you take the party with you wherever you go.

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However, that possibility is threatened when popular girl, Alexis Alexis Knapp begins to take a shine to Thomas, who is now the center of attention amidst the chaos. The second act brings on the party, with the expected scenes of teenagers going wild around the pool and throughout the house. The review of this Movie prepared by R.

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Thomas invites his crush, and Costa invites literally everyone else in the school and the neighborhood. He attempts to scene it down, to no avail; it grows beyond his control, spreading to the entire block, resulting in non-stop violence, sex, and mayhem.

What character development there is here exists between Thomas and his long-time friend, Kirby Kirby Bliss Blantonwho may be turning into more of a love interest. It's hard to pinpoint a favorite scene in a film so unpleasant.

Project X was a surprise of the year, a raunchy teen comedy that took advantage of a budget-trimming found-footage gimmick and was successful enough at the box office to warrant a sequel. With his birthday approaching, and his parents leaving town for his birthday weekend, his friends, obnoxious loudmouth Costa and gawky dork J.

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Thomas is a likable enough character, portrayed amiably enough by Thomas Mann, but the rest of the supporting cast are so obnoxious that it sinks him down by association. The party starts slow, but soon enough people start arriving. The premise is simple: Fans of SuperbadAmerican Pie and The Hangover will find common ground with Project Xbut the film goes even farther than any of them dared.

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Click on a plot link to find similar books! The first act of the film sees the teens planning the party which increases from a moderate gathering of fifty or so friends to a massive neighborhood-devouring blowout when popular high schooler turned collegiate athlete Miles Teller Miles Hook up sms invites people through his extensive network. The party seems to be going well, and it seems to be working in Thomas' favor when the hottest girl in the school attempts to sleep with him, but when Thomas' crush walks in on this hook-up in progress, the party starts to immediately turn into a nightmare for Thomas.

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Other than a bizarre incident with a neighborhood drug dealer, the first act is relatively slow and predictable.