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Are they being fed? But, there is also a selfish element to it.

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You're vulnerable, your child is most definitely vulnerable. Baby's daddy is gone, so the first thing the women or girls do is look for another for support I am amazed at how many women have told me their husbands wanted to keep their distance from them when they were pregnant.

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My female co-workers thought he was going to hit on me I guess you're right that it's better that he left, he would've been a shitty father anyway. I am also from Belfast coincidentally I am also 25 weeks pregnant!

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It's just that I have to agree - there are a lot of guys out there that really really aren't that great! I guess the way I look at it I'm willing to date a woman who has kids, why wouldn't I be willing to date a woman who is pregnant.


That's what she is looking for. Joining our community will allow us to better match you with other members. Less heartache that way. They had been dating for about a month when she discovered she was pregnant. Dating me shouldn't even be in the picture. My ex isn't in the picture what so ever.

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When seeing me a little sad about my situation, a male co-worker asked me to a movie I thought to cheer me up. How can you say that????

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When I was pregnant with my first I found that many guys were dating woman who is separated in one thing only. My GF and I talked about the options and she decided that she would move to london with me. Hell no, I think it's trashy for a woman to date while pregnant.

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Now im back here I would see the ex GF every other week we are both still single - but wouldnt date again and I take the little one out by myself about once a month just for the day to give his mum a break and allow us to have some fun. You could be setting yourself up for a massive heart ache. By continuing to navigate the site you explicitly agree to using the cookies.

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Originally Posted by High H. View More Fresh New Profiles. If only more men embraced their partners feelings and saw it as a special, phenonmenal experience rather than dumping us during this difficult time! Her ex is a jerk who was emotionally negligent and never took great care of her.

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The ultrasound dates confirm that it is not his child. I've dated one, I've lived with one, hell I've even married one, she was my wife for over 20 years and the baby she was pregnant dating pregnant woman was my son, but times have changed for me, so the answer is no And if you have no kids would you prefer not to meet someone and have your own?

How did she meet this guy? Plus if your in a relationship and then have a child then surely its a better situation for all concerned x.

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Just dating--now--is dating pregnant woman productive. Hot Topics K posts OP, not one should date you until you say what you really want. We went through the whole thing knowing that my goal was to be a single parent — even if I myself was not single. Sign up for free right now and start browsing around to see who is online and in your area.