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He is always very friendly he is a sports man -he plays on the defensive side in his field -which dating with older woman just as well considering his strong Aries traits. Never been that way in my life!

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After 3weeks I new he was the one. I wish it could have ended with me just being distant and not opening my big mouth when I caught him in his lie. Aries Man and Capricorn Woman. I have been so chained down with responsibility for so long that to have that kind of freedom is wonderful.

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Popcornx3 January 18th, He is more of an aries. So I didn't care if I misrepresented myself to her. Was up late and was thinking about you.

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She tells me she isnt a cheat, she likes girls and when we first got together she did something with another girl on my birthday!!! I normally can tell what she is up to anyway and it does not bother me because I know that she loves me.

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I do test him but my closest ppl thinks i am too hard on men? We had some really blowout type arguments at times, but resolved to "never go to sleep angry" which made for some interesting sex to say the least.

I can take it.

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It wouldn't be wrong to say that she might swallow her pride for the never-before experienced lovemaking that only this man could give her till now. Its all a matter of understanding you two a very different, but also learning from eachother to bring the out the best, not the worst.

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Mostly because of my last relationship marriage of 10 years. And thanks for the comments its really interesting.

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I kind of look on that in the same way I look on the UFO theory: I have three kids. Being older things just fit so well it almost seems too good to be true.

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This move allowed her not to be pressured by me to commit to anything. I give her all the freedom she wants and the more freedom she he's the more I love her.

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Black-angle January 13th, I was sure before the sex. We are true opposites that combine to make a great couple that balance out anything thrown our way.

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Cant wait to move out by the end of the month.