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Dating site for drug users

Are you a drug addict or a skank that sleeps with anyone to get money?

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Ahhh Okay I see the problem I know someone who was hospitalized and almost lost their arm from their injection use due to infection. Crackle Yeah, on second thought, not even going to go there.

Is it possible to score some Tina and also a date with Tina?

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That does not mean Americans are potheads. Mouth Of Older women looking for younger men dating sites Dating Sites guitarist U don't know what ur missin. Using protection of course.

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Have u ever banged a chick dating site for young teens all coked up Please check your email to confirm your dating site for drug users.

I know it's not for everyone, but sometimes you just want to get on with a member of the opposite sex and have a crazy night.

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You would have to be crazy to think this is your one and only solution in meeting a woman anyway. Tylenol is a drug that your body can't actually break down and causes damage if abused.

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And that is the problem especially when you apply it to how the states decided that spending billions of dollars on the war on drugs is a good thing. That is a pure and simple slut of the lowest kind.

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I'd say, you are just making generalizations, based on a perspective of your head being up your ass! We aren't going to start another stupid thread about this again are we?

OP I took a look at your profile, and you are a drooling idiot.

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That money could hve bought more bombs to fight for gas rights in the middle east. Now I would never approve of someone driving under the influence of either, but I find that alcohol has a bigger affect on me than pot does.

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Originally Posted by footscrazy. I want my money back!

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This makes dating in the real world a little difficult for these nerdy gamers. In fact they live 16 hours away from me. A majority of Americans have smoked pot. I think this question has been answered and there is no worthwhile discussion to be generated here.

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Ever wanted to date a shitty congressman? We are not talking about heroin. Last edited by junkie skumbag; at And for someone so adamantly against pot you may not want to admit to being in the presence of these people we may have to report you because we all know addicts are liars, right?

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I always worry that people will skip through my profile because of it, but I guess it's better to know up front than to find out later when we're hanging out in a group of people and someone passes the pipe.