White chicks dating black guys The Reality of Dating White Women When You're Black

White chicks dating black guys

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Successful minorities love to say, "You're privileged but I'm so smart and awesome and financially secure that I have the same, if not better, house, car, and woman as you. I couldn't date a girl that was ghetto. Throughout this nation's history, unfathomable numbers of innocent black men have been hung from trees and burned because of often fabricated stories of their fraternizing with white women, and there were usually no consequences for the white men lynching them.

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The year after the O. It's nothing to walk past a random black woman on the street and get a death glare and maybe even overhear something like, "They're taking all of our men. But that's not a dealbreaker.

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But don't assume that that's how the dating I got by in life because I'm black and tall. The girls who showed me the most attention at school were white.

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Nothing about my worldview was sexualized yet. If anything, I just hate that there's such a vast misconception about my intentions from people who don't even know me.

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Other people think about that, though. I totally get where black women are coming from, too.

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It is a good feeling to know that you are secure enough in your relationship that the guy of others only adds to the excitement. I was consuming all of this media and I could black sense from the adults around me that, as a black person, when I was watching TRLit was expected that I be more attracted to the girls in Destiny's Child than Britney Spears.

But white chicks were white girls at school who were fucking with me and that's who I went with.

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I don't say that as some guilt-ridden rationalization for dating white women. To me, it was simple.

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It's depressingly superficial and it's dangerous. The thing is, I have to consider that while I've hooked up with women of other races, just about dating a twin guy of my girlfriends in life, since I was 13, have been white.

Why do I date white women? A lot of white women have been extremely accepting of and loving towards me my entire life and that's all there is to it.

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Interracial marriages weren't even legal in every state 50 years ago. I grew up in one of the seventeen cities in the United States named Rochester Wikipedia, Though those events are something of which I'm always cognizant, I didn't adhere to them as any sort of cautionary tale.

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The reason why I do anything is because I want to. She was not going to go through the trouble of calling attention to the fact that she was going out with a black guy.

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I felt that I looked the way that I was meant to look: Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia. I just think she did the typical "I can fix him" thing with a POS.