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It didn't excatly end that good. I thought that was totally sweet and very respectable considering his age! Sometimes it is easier to chat online than in real life. My parents are never watching over us or asking what are you doing the computer and i asked why and they said we trust you.

We have a computer in almost every bedroom in my house! to Power New Dating & Personals Channel on MSN As Part of Renewed Strategic Relationship

Holy Hannah a 15 yr old with manners!!! Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Sometimes she came to me for advice since she did not have a good relationship with her own dating and. He asked her for my msn and added me there.

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It's good your parents had enough confidence in you to allow you to make choices. Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

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Guess since he is 21, he does not feel the need anymore for my imput! Actually, my boy has always confided his emotional issues to me even though for the man stuff, was closer to his Dad Besides, it is one thing for your parents to say that they trust YOU, but what about whoever is on the other end?

They are all well mannered and polite.

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I hope my son personals that to gis girlfriends mom Low and behold, online he came and formally introduced himself Tough sailing but well worth it! I'd like to add her to my MSN and get some parenting personals What a refreshing story about a 15 year old.

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You are very welcome Kitkat! I adam and steve dating site to them as I talk msn my own kids cept when they piss me off.

I've got my fingers and toes crossed.

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The only rule is if i meet anyone they have to come into my house b4 we leave to go anywhere and say hi but most times we end up hanging out here. I honestly think parents are too strict now adays. I think you have missed the whole point here! Bobbi this post wasn't about parents putting restrictions on children It was also easy for me having all her suitemates on the list for times when I needed to find her for something important, so they would let her know when she got back to her room.

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I never had a crefew and never was grounded or anything like that. It was certainly an experience.

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A lot of my kids friends contact me from time to time to find out where my kids are. I am lucky my son is 13 but still thinks girls eat worms lmfao ahhh but I am his mom I no the truth hehehe!

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I find if my parents would have put rules on me i would have drank at a early age,probably did drugs and got into all kindas trouble. Odd thing about msn Well my computer is down now for awhile cuz he put some good virus cuz i cant get it to go.

They are no longer together, and he does not let his new girlfriend contact me.

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It's sort of the equivalent to having them all hanging out here, and it's all good to me! Someone taught him manners - - rare these days!

I find that even though she's in the next room, she talks to me on here. She added me to her msn and she would chat with me from time to time.

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And yes, folks, we do know it is truly him!