Is austin and ally really dating in real life 10 Reasons Ross Lynch and Laura Marano Need to Date, Like, Now

Is austin and ally really dating in real life

But if they were dating they would be a cute couple.

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They are perfect for each other I every way. Ross and Laura do like eachother but are to afraid to admid it they need time to work things out. What if one of them ask the other our, and they get rejected. Yes It's weird they are not alike.

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I don't really know,really if their dating but I really think chat and dating sites should. I don't think So but they should since they like eachother!

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Tell us in the comments! Dec 31, 2: I mean they spend so much time off of set and have been caught making out in the grocery store. Share Tweet Pin it.

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Really what I think is that it's possible their dating but they definetly have feelings for each other if the pictures are real what I mean by that Is a lot of people fake pictures and edit them. But even though they insist on remaining friends, we're still rooting for their coupledom somewhere down the line. Learn More Got It! Is it true that Ross Lynch and Laura Marano are dating in real life?

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Papparazzi will post it and they will be humilated. NOPE i think they would the best couple in the world!!! Would they date each other in the future? No not in the present.

I think that they would be a very good,couple I ws on youtube and I saw pictures of the kissing off the set.

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The only problem is they aren't technically a real couple. I personally don't think that they are dating, but they totally have it. Maybe they are afraid to ruin their friendship, but they should really be together!! I honestly think, don't take this the wrong way. No but, I think they like each other.

But i do think they should be together! But hey, we can dream, right?!

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Ross Lynch Related Clubs. They are deciding not you. Besides, they're only 17, maybe it will happen in a couple of years time: I don't think so but they did become a couple on the show.

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They can't lie though that they have the greatest chemistry and they NEED to be together. Thet are close friends and co worker's. Let's try and keep are hopes up! But I may be wrong.

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They aren't but I wish they were together.