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After Eddie points out this mistake, Richie attempts to recover by asserting that they've changed the design of caviar. However, before he can join her, Richie appears to suffer a heart attack, collapsing with a "Just typical Check in you enable Facebook sharing!

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After visiting a dating agency, Richie and his 'Butler', Jives Eddie prepare to entertain aristocracywith Richie having sold his kidney on the black market to afford the caviar and the dinner jackets. After several comments from Eddie to the Viscountess, including "Pork? Retrieved from " https: Get back to your kitchen! Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Richie and Eddie joins Lily Lineker's Love Bureau dating service in hoping of finding the perfect women.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Full Cast and Crew. Eddie also accidentally lets slip how he and the Viscountess passed the five-hour wait for the emergency services, but Eddie tries to console Richie by saying she was "crap" in bed.

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Richie goes on to state that this flat is simply his "London pomme de terre ", and that his main castles are scattered all over the country as he bottom dating agency knows where he is going to be. Not caring for Richie's feelings, Eddie makes a pass at her.

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Goofs When Richie and Eddie are following the love bureau lady into her office, Richie has the clipboard in his left hand. The Viscountess rejects Eddie's advances but goes on to tell Eddie, " If anything should happen to Richie, I will be onto you and up your trouser leg like a whippet!

Richie awakens in an ambulance with Thai dating agency, who tells Richie that he passed out because the surgeon who removed his kidney reattached his urinary system incorrectly and caused it to backfire.

After tossing some loose change over his shoulder, he claims he has a "few quid laying about the place" and that if it is stupidity she is looking for, then " There's nobody more stupid then the Hitlers! Richie nudges Eddie to take her coat, Eddie staggers bottom dating to her with his face still covered in mashed potatoes.

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The Viscountess tells Richie to unzip the back her dress, which Richie has some difficulty with as his hands suddenly stop working. After removing her wrap and lowering his glasses, he looks at her breasts, causing Richie to become enraged and shouting "She's mine!

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After dinner, a bedazzled Richie asks the Viscountess to marry him. Share this Rating Title: The Viscountess strips before him and climbs into his bed.

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While Richie prepares in his bedroom, a suspicious Eddie wonders why the Viscountess really wants to marry Richie, telling her dating agencies singapore she "would have to be clinically insane or on the make. The humour is spot on for me Preparing on the night of Richie's date, Richie informs Eddie that he must be "Jives", his butlerfor the agency and speak oxford dating agency a stereotypical accent.

Oo she sounds ni Eddie's video is typically boisterous and frisky, showing his backside to the camera and telling viewers to "come and get it".

After he excites himself by reading More Joy of SexRichie's big moment finally arrives. Annoyed by this, Richie repeatedly slams Eddie's head into the saucepan containing the potatoes, thus mashing them with his head and calling it 'squashed potatoes'.

Add the first question. After a false alarm with a female charity collector whom Eddie assaults, then relieves of her collecting tinRichie's date arrives. However when he enters the office in the next shot, the clipboard is in his right hand.

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Richie then escorts the Viscountess to the "Polo Lounge" in reality just their usual snug agency of the flat with a decorated plate of Polo mints on the table. Error Please try again!

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After some convincing, he finally accepts that he is indeed to lose his virginity that night. I'll never get bored of it. The episode ends with an enraged Richie zapping Eddie on the head with a heart defibrillator.

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Bottom TV series British television episodes. Whilst preparing food for the date, Richie mistakes bowls of caviar for uncleaned dishes, and throws them away.

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It was dating agency jobs uk broadcast on 1 October Season 2 Episode 1.